Three Dots Tattoo - Mi Vida Loca

A tattoo many Latinos get representing their culture and pride in being Latino. The tattoo is formed by three dots in a triangular formation located on the web of the hand between the thumb and index finger. It can also be placed at the bottom corner of one eye. The three dots stand for “Mi vida loca” or “My crazy life”. (Urban Dictionary)
And from the answers on my tumblr - :
- "The three point tattoos mean "mi vida loca", my crazy life...normally it's associated with the Mexican gang MS13, it may also be representative of the "Los Vatos Locos" (The Crazy Dudes or Guys) gang. But most of the time, it's represented innocently in the "my crazy life" traditional manner." ( buhbuhbuhbrittany)
- "3 dots tattoo has many different meanings...
"mi vida loca" or my crazy life is probably the most well known....gang members associated with MS-13 get it and will often include a cross as well (3 dots represent what gang life leads to = 1. the grave 2. the hospital 3. prison)
Before it became popular with Latino gangs, the symbol was used in European prisons, showing you did France it stands for "mort aux vaches" which means death to cows (police)
The tattoo can be seen on the webbing between the thumb and index finger, hand, wrist & by the eye" (
"Another common tattoo in American prisons and jails, especially for Hispanic inmates, is three dots on the top of the hand between the index finger and thumb, similar to what is described for French criminal tattoos below. The trio is meant to symbolize alternately the Trinity (Catholic & Christian imagery is common in the US penal system) or 'Mi Vida Loca.' (My Crazy Life in Spanish)" (setyoursails)
- "Three dots in the shape of a triangle mean therefore. If the dots are inverted they mean because. It's for solving philosophical equations." (thethrillofshill)
- "well usually the spots,tears or any marks near the eye means thats how many people you have killed, or how many people you have lost in your life. usually people in gangs do this." (xxhauntedasylumxx)
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Короче, мексиканские тюремные татуировки :) латино, гетто и все дела